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2012 was a monumental year for the American people as the states of Washington and Colorado legalized the recreational consumption of Marijuana. This has created an unprecedented ripple throughout the country as more states have been pushing towards a similar outcome; as of today, 8 states including California, Nevada & Massachusetts have legalized recreational use and another 20 states, including New York, Illinois & Florida, have legalized its use for medicinal purposes.

It is estimated that North American sales of Marijuana have totaled $6.7B in 2016 and this number is set to increase as more states move towards legalizing & decriminalizing its use. This boom has had an extraordinary impact on the economy of those states, particularly in Colorado, where sales have surpassed the Billion dollar mark, this has resulted in hundreds of jobs being created and the state seeing their tax revenue skyrocket.

Despite Marijuana being legal at a state level, it remains a highly regulated industry at a federal level with new laws, regulations, compliances being brought almost on a daily basis and this is where Simplifya comes into the picture.

Simplifya is a one-stop shop for all marijuana retailers and those who audit them, it’s main feature is that it provides a real-time platform that keeps track of all Marijuana related regulation changes so that retailers can always remain upto date with these changes and make the necessary changes to their business. Failing to comply to a regulation can be very damaging, from the loss of employment to facing fines mounting from $10,000 to $100,000, which can be catastrophic for smaller businesses.

The platform is backed by America’s leading Marijuana related legal firm: Vincente Sederberg, which is providing real-time updates of regulation changes as they are being brought in by the federal and state governments.

Over 25 clients are currently using this platform and the numbers keep growing, the platform also lists over 5 compliances to assist their customers in running a perfectly compliant business.

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