Project Details

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your daughter or son a signed jersey from their favorite sportsman or artist as a birthday present? Receive a personalized and signed copy of your favourite book? Or even grab a meal with a celebrity? This is exactly why Rackfest was created. Rackfest works as an online portal that provides easy access to celebrities and at the same time, doubles-up as a store. The platform is currently affiliated to celebrities from the sports, music, modeling and acting industries.

The platform gives users the choice to browse the list of celebrities and then select an item listed under the celebrity; they can customize this by adding a note that will be then written by the artist on the merchandise before it being shipped to the customer.

Rackfest has slowly but surely been gaining traction as more and more celebrities are jumping on board and want to be part of an experience that directly connects them to their fans; this is also a great way for consumers to feel closer to those they idolize and look upto.

How does it all work? Well, all participating celebrities have been provided with a tablet and a pre-loaded admin version of the Rackfest App. whenever someone buys an item, the celebrity receives a notification requesting them to personalize it, the notification is opened and acted-upon straight through the app itself. Once this is done, the purchased item and the personalized note from the celebrity are shipped to the customer.

Rackfest's ambition is to have hundreds of celebrities and expand beyond the US borders and into Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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