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For decades, parents as well as teachers have faced the challenge of making learning more interesting and interactive for young children. How do you manage to keep a child involved in a learning activity while making sure they actually understand what they are studying? It is no secret that children have a habit of being motivated by immediate rewards in exchange of completing a chore or a task. This is how Earn2learn was born.

Earn2Learn is a platform that allows parents to educate their children on a specific subject using videos hosted on YouTube. How does that work? It’s simple, a parent would sign up for the service and create a quiz centered around a subject of their choice. This can be a closed/ open ended question and/or a MCQ. The parent then has to include the answer to each question, which the platform will use to validate their child’s answer.

Every time the child answers a correct question or scores a customizable amount of points on the test, they are rewarded with a certain amount of points; which once accumulated, can be used to purchase gift cards and other rewards through the same platform.

The system ensures that parents have complete control of their children’s learning material and the difficulty level of the questions asked, The system has proved to be quite successful with over 1000 parents signing up for the service within the first 3 months.

This platform was also customized to meet the requirements of other customers who would require a LMS.

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