Digital Customer Onboarding - making the business case for Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, much of Customer Onboarding in banks, hospitals, schools and suchlike happens manually or at best semi-digitally, with the mediation of data entry operators and paper (or PDF-based) systems for data gathering and archival. This reality sits uncomfortably in contrast to the country’s big-picture goals for globalization and increased foreign direct investment (FDI), where as a country we would like to showcase efficient administrative processes that leverage technology and deliver user-friendly customer experiences. The Wollstra Tech team has elaborated on the concept, benefits and challenges in Digital Customer Onboarding (DCO) in Sri Lanka, as a generalized white paper inspired by actual commercial experiences in this arena.

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Digital Customer Onboarding - Making the business case for Sri Lanka

Chamindu Munasinghe CTO May 16, 2018